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Call Him, He's Home:
A Regular Person's
Guide to Prayer

Jim's first book has been described as a 'prayer for dummies' book, which seeks to help the curious understand God and His desire to establish a close relationship with us. Carefully dispelling rules and complexities that can intimidate or turn off the beginner, the author shares his own approach to daily prayer as one way to start or continue your relationship with God. He also seeks to remove rote memorization and droning as substitutes or checkboxes for prayer. What's left is a readable, accessible means of loving God and all He does for us. 

Call Him, He'll Help:
A Regular Person's Guide to Praying for People

A follow-up to the popular first book, Jim Donaher follows a similar path, focused on simple, honest dialogue with the Creator of the universe and everything in it, including all people. And since people form the very core of our existence as people, praying for them to receive blessings from God in whatever form they need to come, is a crucial skill. Praying for other people, which is sometimes maligned as 'thoughts and prayers' and an excuse to do nothing, is in fact the most powerful and highest priority action you can take in support of another person. The book also discusses praying for the most central person in anyone's lives - themselves!


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