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I've been writing my blog for several years and I have posted about 100 pieces, which you can search by clicking the button I cleverly entitled 'The Blog.'

You will find a range of topics, focused mostly in the intersection between People, Our Daily Lives, and The Lord, Jesus Christ.

I try to convey a Jesus-centered response to various current events including politics, sports, work, play, pain, hope and love.

You will also notice a button to look at a preview chapter of my first book, 'Call Him, He's Home - A Guide to A Happy Prayer Life for Regular People.' I anticipate publishing in the latter half of 2020. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Someone might be asking, so why not get that out of the way?)

Question: What's the deal with the bear?

Answer: That is no ordinary bear.


His name is Killer Jerry, and he is modeled on the character in the Jimmy Buffet Live opus, "God's Own Drunk."


"He was a Kodiak looking fellow about 19 feet tall, came ramblin' up over the hill, 'spectin' me to do one of two things, flip or fly...I didn't do neither one, and that hung him up..."

(Shoutout to Jerry and Joe on this one)

Question: How do you decide what to write about?

Answer: There are a variety of things but most often topics are suggested by interpreting some aspect of everyday life to biblical teaching. The basis is to hold up the 'What Would Jesus Do' mirror and see how what the world is doing compares.

Question: What is the book about?

Answer: The book describes how I went from being someone who didn't care about prayer to someone who prays every day. I'm not a theologian or a pastor, so my hope is that my experience may be more approachable than some other treatments of this topic. 

I see it as a non-religious prayer guide for people who want to know God but don't want to deal with the rules and complications of organized religion. 

Question: What qualifications do you have for writing this book?

Answer: I found a way to relate to God that works. I believe it will help others so I felt compelled to write it and share. 

The short answer is I have no conventional qualifications. I am, as the book says, just a guy. 

Who is this guy?

I am an author, blogwriter, editor, and commentator located in Eastern Massachusetts. 

Jim has grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts along with his younger brother Mike. They played baseball, basketball, football and street hockey, as well as getting into fights with each other and with the Flanagan and the DeVincentis brothers, among others. Most of the time though, they got along. 


The majority of his working life has been spent in various organizations and industries seeking to remove the ugly stereotype that customer service call centers are hell's waiting room.

Unable to change that perception, and with my last employer trying to find someone else to break the stereotype, I've moved onto this much more individual pursuit. It's not as easy as it looks, but it's very far from bad.

On this website you will see my blog posts and can peruse at your own pace. My goal with most of those posts is to try to link the holy scriptures (AKA The Bible) to our everyday lives.

I'm particularly interested in the command of Jesus to 'love one another as ourselves' which covers a lot of ground and is one of the most abused commandments there is. 

The other concept that is in play a lot is asking, 'what would Jesus do?' Though Jesus is a figure from the ancient world, the scriptures describe his personality and his priorities so that we can speculate with good reliability about his reactions in certain situations.  

If you read an article that hits you in a particular way, good or bad, I would love to hear about it. Though I enjoy the writing, I enjoy hearing from readers even more. 

Thank you for visiting and for sharing the site or its individual articles with your friends and family. 

God bless you!

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