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In Response to the Women's March and Its Aftermath

Susan Speer has crafted a well-written and thought provoking piece regarding the motivation behind the Women's March this past weekend. It is a measured, intelligent response to another woman who got a lot of attention for complaining about the genuine outrage and fear that some (many? a majority?) in our country are feeling, as expressed by the March.

A lot of people are expressing disdain for the March and the wide range of issues that were advocated there.

Here is the thing - America is actually not about 'I got mine, you get yours, and if you don't get yours, screw you, at least I got mine.' Americans help each other. Neighbors help neighbors.

The easy out of ''those people' made bad choices' is harsh and graceless. As the saying goes, shit happens, and if shit happens to you, and you aren't in a position to deal with it, it can knock you off track. Getting back on track can be hard, especially with a series of back breaks, and yes, bad decisions too. All of us have had both back luck and mistakes, and maybe we've been fortunate to get a hand getting back in the race.

If you know me, you know I am the antithesis of a big government liberal. I voted for Reagan twice, both Bushes (3 times total), and I voted for Mitt Romney. This isn't about ideology, it's about decency. If your sister or your mother or your daughter was in some of the situations described in Ms. Speer's piece, you wouldn't turn your back.

Maybe you're not a marcher or activist or community organizer. I've only participated in one protest in my life, and mostly because it was a nice day and there were cute girls there. But if this is how some folks find their voice and feel empowered, what do you care? Peaceful dissent is fine - not rioting, not hurting anyone, but peaceful. Some language offends some people - it's a free country. You don't have to agree. You don't have to be quiet. You don't have to listen.

Life today is painfully short of easy answers. There are surely people who take advantage of 'the system' and there always will be. But there are also people who need help. Maybe a big help, or just a hand to get back on their feet. They're doing the best they can, and that may not be good enough to get over the hump.

As Americans, we help people around the world. We are the first country there when disaster strikes, when refugees need food, or when a bully nation threatens a little guy. We can do that at home too, and we should.

God Bless you.

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