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The Walk

I am seeing that this walk we are on together is an interesting one. Not easy or even fun all the time, but always interesting. You brought me along much of it, without my even knowing it was You with whom I was walking. When I ran into obstacles, suffered setbacks, disappointments and heartbreak, You healed me but I didn’t grasp that it was You all along.

Now that I am more aware, I am seeing the next mountains You will help me to climb. I am still a little kid, with my eyes mostly shut, but I am learning. And like a little kid, I need to learn and grow and be cared for by You, my heavenly Father. I am blessed that You are doing this for me. I am blessed by all the things I have and the people I know. I need to grow up and realize that these things are Yours, not mine. I need to see clearly what I have made into idols and swear off of them. I need to focus on the purpose You have for my life. And only that.

I have this vision of walking along a wide, flat plain. It’s a warm, sunny day, and I am walking with You. In the distance I see the mountains, and we continue walking, as my apprehension grows. Your pace never changes, and You never seem concerned. You never deviate from the direction in which we are heading.

At times, I want to say, ‘You know what, let’s just stay here, or turn left or turn right or go back. There’s no need to fool with that mountain.’ And I’m like a yappy child in the back seat saying, ‘Are we there yet?’

You are ever-patient, and You explain to me that this will be important to me one day. That this is a growth opportunity and a test which You know I will pass. And after I do, my faith will expand further, getting me ready for the next test. And so on.

As we approach the mountain, I turn and look back from where we came. I see a succession of mountains lined up, one after the other, stretching further back than I can see. I realize that You have been bringing me through ever more challenging things for a long, long time.

When I turn back, and we are ready to start climbing the next mountain, You turn and smile at me. You already know that I am figuring things out, little by little. The mountain is big, but so were the ones I already climbed and have to make a conscious effort to even remember.

My faith grows.

My confidence grows.

My hope grows.

God bless you.

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