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For Anyone Struggling with Anything, Anywhere (You know who you are!)

We're all struggling with something. Large or small, life-threatening or just annoying, no one is immune.

Jesus said we would have trouble, And boy was He right!

But He also said that we shouldn't be afraid because He is with us. Because He overcame the world.

Ordinarily, when you try to write something for 'everyone' you actually write for no one. This theory is a close relative of 'you can't please everyone.'

This is an exception. If you are human, you are struggling with something. And everyone you know is too. There are differences in the nature and intensity of our struggles, but they are uniquely designed to vex us, given our various skills, tendencies, habits, and biases. Your problems may look easy to me, and vice versa, but we can assure one another, they are not easy.

So below, I have composed a prayer for you and everyone you know. Feel free to share it, even repeatedly, as we all need reminding now and then.


Dear God,

Thank you for always being with us.

Thank you for protecting us from harm in most circumstances, and for using those few problems that do reach us to help us grow and learn.

But you also told us to take heart and have faith, because You have overcome the world. Knowing how to prevail, You are with us to guide us through the hazards of being human, of which there are so many.

Lord, many of us are afraid. Some fear physical risk and danger, especially from forces that are much larger than we are.

Some are afraid of the results of their lives - being alone, having bad relationships, or failing at some important aspect of life.

Lord, you are Love and you are perfect, and Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear. For that reason we pray:

  • Bless us with Patience to wait for Your solutions to come in their perfect timing.

  • Bless us with Confidence that we know You will solve our problem in a way that provides the best results for everyone involved.

  • Bless us with Peace, understanding clearly what You told us, that worry cannot add a single minute to your life.

  • Bless us with Faith in You, knowing that your track record is spotless and will be forever. You never fail!

  • Bless us with Hope, knowing that heaven is real and your promises are true and will lead us to everlasting life.

  • Bless us with the Knowledge that you are always there and that you are Love.

  • Bless us with Relief from the struggles we face every day.

Thank you for the blessings you pour out on us every day.

Thank you for your selfless example for how we should conduct our lives.

Thank you for the example of love, kindness, and mercy, and acceptance of all people.

Lord, thank you for hearing our prayer and answering us, because we pray in Jesus' name, AMEN!


Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

God bless you!

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