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Professional Writing Services

Let's face it: Not everyone has the time or patience to write.

Writing can be difficult, especially if you have minimal time or interest in doing it well. You convince yourself that it doesn't really matter, you do the best you can, and you click send or drop it in the mail. "The reader will understand," you tell yourself.


The truth is that your writing says a lot about who you are. Are you well-organized, intelligent, focused, professional? Like it or not, people will judge you by the quality of your writing. 


Sometimes it's important to present your thoughts in writing. Whether you are...

  • a public figure putting out a statement,

  • a business person writing an ad,

  • a student applying to college needing help with their admissions essays

  • an entrepreneur who needs compelling website content

  • a politician campaigning,

  • anyone needing to make a speech, presentation or any sort of public speaking

  • a job seeker writing a resume and cover letter,


...writing well can make all the difference.

When the stakes are high or even if they're not, many people look for help from professionals to make their their words are as good as they are.


That's where I come in.

With nearly 40 years of business, recruitment, blog, fiction, non-fiction, humor, and testimonial writing, I will make sure your words are as good as you are.

How can I do that?

By asking you questions, clarifying what you're trying to say and understanding your brand and the voice and tone that suits you.

That's the first step in the process - to understand your message.

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