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Pete and Maria

Happy 4th everybody!

Two stories struck me this morning as I was scrolling through Facebook.

The first was about Pete Frates, the local guy who has become the face of the ALS/Lou Gehrigs Disease fight. The courage that he and his family have shown and are showing is humbling and inspiring.

The second story is of Maria Menounos, the Medford-born TV host, who recently underwent surgery for a brain tumor at age 39. This struck me because when I was 39, I also had a 'tumor almost completely removed' in a 'complicated surgery.'

She commented that she is taking this moment to pause and figure out 'who she is supposed to be in this world.' That is wisdom, and we should all do it, even if we are so fortunate to not need brain surgery.

I used to roll my eyes when someone said, 'Everything happens for a reason' but I don't anymore. God really does work in mysterious ways, but he is always at work, through the good, the bad and the ugly. There is a reason, you just may not be able to see or understand. Faith allows you to accept what you can't see.

The point here is not celebrity or notoriety or fame. The point is that many, many people struggle with battles like Pete and Maria are fighting. They have families and caregivers who battle with them. They may have periods of excruciating pain, debilitating weakness, overwhelming depression. For every smiling, happy picture you see of them, there are hours and days of not-so-happy times when celebrity, notoriety and fame do nothing for you.

Everything does happen for a reason. God places these people on our path to show us what's possible, even despite enormous obstacles. He shows us miracles of cure, miracles of love, miracles of reconciliation, miracles of hope, and even miracles after those afflicted have gone home to heaven.

Please remember Pete and his family, and Maria and hers in your prayers today.

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