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One Nation Under God

For my Christian friends, there is only one candidate to vote for

As election day approaches, the negative ads intensify, the rhetoric is inflamed and the hatred and division that make our nation weaker is being fanned by the same person who created it: Donald Trump.

For this reason, the only viable Christian choice for president is Joe Biden. He deserves your vote because he is a decent, imperfect Christian man. He loves God, his family, his country, and its people.

Some might have a problem with his Catholicism. Don't let yourself go there. We are all Christians and as such, we can support someone who is a practicing, devout, imperfect-but-trying candidate. Jesus Christ is the center of our lives.

Trump, despite posturing and preening as 'the Christian candidate', cynically mocks our beliefs, and even uses the Bible as a prop to give the impression that he believes. He may be a believer. But his behavior - his actions - suggest that this is just another con game to him.

When he suggests, or agrees with someone else who suggests, that he was 'chosen by God to save Christianity' I am not sure why anyone believes him. Jesus would roll his eyes.

Decency, respect, honor, humility, kindness, love - these values and more are what set Jesus - and His followers - apart. And in a nasty election season, these are the values that make Joe Biden the only choice to be President of the United States.

Jim Donaher is a writer, blogger, and author of the soon to be published, "Call Him, He's Home: Learning Prayer to Start and Grow Your Relationship with God" Click the title to read an excerpt.

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