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The Perfect Path

Lord, You told us that life would be challenging and it is.

You said we would have trouble and we have plenty of it.

But You also said that You would be with us and if we had faith, and that You would guide us to the next steps in Your perfect timing.

Your path and Your plan are what I want to follow. I have tried doing things my way and I am never fully happy with the results. Over time, having lost faith in myself, I would be forever inert, not trusting myself or anything else. A complete standstill.

Instead, by knowing You and believing in my heart that You are the way, the truth and the life provides so much relief, so much confidence, so much joy.

These things seem so obvious to me now. But for so many years I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t grasp or didn’t acknowledge or didn’t apply this powerful knowledge to anything I was doing.

I thought it was required that I figure things out myself. I thought that people who didn’t and who claimed to be guided by You were delusional. Not in any evil way, but that they were passing the buck and not using their heads. How would they ever get anywhere if they were ‘waiting on the Lord?’

I am starting to understand that regardless of how I feel about it, waiting on You is the only practical choice. Some people poo-poo faith as a crutch or a tepid solution to a white-hot problem. It’s not. Knowing You and believing in Your power and in Your promises to help us is the most powerful thing we can know.

To not avail oneself of this power is irresponsible. It risks never being everything You intended for us to be. And since you intended more for us than we could ever imagine, it means perpetual underperformance, disappointment, and frustration.

Lord, You give me words and ideas that inspire and excite me. Help me to share these words in a way that inspires and excites and engages others. You make my pedestrian writing excellent. You know who You want me to reach with it. Whether it is one person or thousands, I pray that it reaches the ones it’s intended to help. There is no other point to it unless You say there is.

Thank You for the wisdom that You share with me every day.

Thank You for letting me grasp this wisdom to hear, understand and obey your direction.

Thank You for the wisdom You share with me through other people, who have experienced more and know more about You and Your gifts than I do.

Thank You for the comfort and reassurance that whatever the trouble is, it’s going to be okay. Somehow, some way. Maybe not in the way we would draw it up with our limited perspective, imagination or wishes. Maybe not as quickly as we might hope. But it’s going to be okay.

No, it’s going to be great. Because You are great. And it will be that way thanks to You. The sooner I fully implement this powerful belief, the happier I will be.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my savior, AMEN!

Thank you for reading. God bless you!



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