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There's a Place for You

This is important, please don't click away. It won't take long, I promise.

The coronavirus is here. It's spreading like wildfire and it is killing people.

The details behind the infections of millions and the deaths of tens of thousands vary widely. Healthy and sick, young and old, strong and weak, all races, genders, religious beliefs (or lack of them), education levels, occupations, and political affiliations. The rich, the poor, the famous, and the anonymous are all among the victims.

Pure and simple, this is a plague. They've happened before.

Given the random pervasiveness of this virus, you may be reading this today in perfect health and within a small number of days, find yourself fighting for your life.

Nobody wants to think about that, or maybe you have and you already have a contingency plan ready in case things go sideways.

Please know that this message is sent with love and care for anyone who happens to read it. I am not trying to be dramatic or gloomy or fatalistic. I am not disrespecting anyone's beliefs or faith.

It is simply out of concern for you as a fellow human being, created by God, just like me. You are my brother. You are my sister. I care about you.

If you don't know Jesus Christ, now is a great time for you to meet Him. He loves you already and simply wants to be with you. He wants to save you.

This can be a large and complex debate, but the need is urgent and the decision to go ahead does not risk one single thing.

All you have to do right now is to say, pray, or in some way express in your heart and honesty, 'Jesus, come into my life.'

You can follow with any other comments you wish. You can tell everyone. You can keep it to yourself.

Express your concerns. He is fine with your doubts, your lack of knowledge, your questions, your fears. He can work with all of these. You can yell and scream at Him if you wish, He has faced anger and abuse before. You cannot hurt Him.

If you doubt your worthiness or feel you are misleading Him or omitting important information He needs to know, rest assured, He already knows everything about you. All you've said and done and thought, all you believe, all your intentions. Your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and sins. He knows all about you.

And He still loves you. You are worthy. You are special to Him.

But He will not force you. You have to decide to accept Him. Because true love is not mandated. Even by God.

Praying that prayer is the beginning, not the end. When you let Jesus in He will change your life - your eternal life - starting this minute. He will give you a purpose for your life. He will give you hope. And He will give you a place in heaven.

Your sins - all of them - are forgiven. Your failings don't matter. If you accept Jesus, Jesus accepts you. He loves you.

As many of us are considering our own mortality in these uncertain times, praying this prayer can provide comfort and calm. But it may not, at least not right away.

Know, though, that once you have prayed it, your salvation is secure. It cannot be taken from you. You are saved.

If I wrote a post telling you that all you needed to do was ask, and with no strings attached, you would get a million dollars, a new car, a house on the beach or some other lavish thing, you would do it. And you would tell all your friends, starting with everyone you care about.

That is exactly what this post is, only it's better. Because money comes and goes, cars wear out, and houses on the beach can fall into the ocean. All worldly things will eventually be lost.

But once claimed, your place in heaven will always be there waiting for you whenever your time is up. It seems too good to be true.

I believe it's true. That is why I am sharing this message with you. There is nothing more in it for me. I already have my salvation. I'm all set.

I want you to feel that reassurance too so no matter what happens, your eternal future in heaven awaits.

God bless you and keep you healthy and safe.

Jim Donaher is a writer, blogger, and author of the soon to be published, "Call Him, He's Home: Learning Prayer to Start and Grow Your Relationship with God" Read an excerpt by clicking on this link.

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